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Marisa is an international, award-winning teacher, author, speaker and alternative therapist as well as author of the book “Freeing the Unloved Girl”. Her journey began over 30 years ago while searching for ways to heal herself from unbearable, physical pain. This self-healing journey opened up pandora’s box, revealing wounds from a torturous, abusive childhood.

During Marisa’s transformation, she discovered an ability to read people’s energy fields as if she were reading words on a page. It connects her mind, body and soul at such a deep level that it causes her to physically react when healing and reading people. This ability to read energy fields has uncovered the science of understanding how the universe works, and what it is trying to tell you.

Marisa's mission to heal and transform people’s lives has led to sharing the stage with some of world’s foremost thought leaders, including Rev Michael Beckwith from “The Secret” and the late Wayne Dyer.

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Marisa Russo

Marisa Russo founder and CEO of Forensic Healing International

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